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Help & Info about Epic Privacy Browser for windows

  • What is Epic Browser?

    Designed and built around the Chromium base code (the open-source basis of the Chrome web browser), this browser is a simple and lightweight application designed to be as private and secure as possible. Trackers are automatically blocked, a VPN option is available and third-part advertisement is blocked as standard.
  • Is Epic Browser the same as Chrome?

    As Epic is built around the same core as Chrome, much of the same functionality and overall appearance is the same. Any user of Chrome will be instantly familiar with hotkeys and menus. Some websites and password options will be different, however.
  • Why does Epic Browser not work on some sites?

    Due to the automatic blocking of some data and advertisement features, some sites will not work correctly with Epic. Videos may fail to load automatically due to the blocking of HTML5. As cookies are also not saved, account information may not update or save.
  • Is Epic Browser free?

    Epic was launched as a free download, aiming to make a profit by using Google's ad revenue service without offering personalised user-target details to advertisers. This was blocked by Google via a change in service terms.
  • Is Epic Browser open source?

    While based on the publicly available Chromium base, Epic is not fully open source. This has been claimed to be a protective measure to ensure their own work is not stolen by similar operations rather than a privacy concern. Some of the basic elements of the code are available.
  • Is Epic Browser save to use?

    The developers of the browser have been careful to remind users that any online service can never be completely secure. Their built-in server and VPN service all run through their own servers so any guarantee has to be based solely on trust rather than any third-party encryption.
  • Why is Epic Browser slow?

    While the developers of Epic claim that blocking of certain website aspects mean that sites will load more quickly than Chrome, the built-in VPN may cause a slower experience. This is due to the privacy feature moving data between multiple worldwide servers, and so resulting in longer load times.
  • Where was Epic Browser made?

    The team behind Epic are based in Indian, where the service was developed and launched. Since their successful release, some management is now based in the US including some of the financial investments. However, the primary servers and development team are still India-based.
  • Why does Epic Browser block regular Chrome extensions?

    Due to its focus on privacy and safety, the vast majority of Chrome extensions available through the Google service cannot be installed. This is due to the way in which they handle user data and the potential to access personal user data.
  • Is Epic Browser available for Mac?

    Epic is currently available in various versions for Windows and Mac OS. No Linux or mobile versions are currently available or planned and are unlikely to ever to be developed.


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